Socially Conscious Nails

Ruchki da Nozhki, meaning little hands and feet in Russian, is a new nail salon that is dedicated to elevating every detail of the salon experience. 

RDN focuses on health and safety as much as the beauty of your nails. To us, taking care of our staff and guests by building efficient workplace, developing safe procedures, paying fair wages, and using all natural products in our treatments is a social responsibility. We strive to build a business on integrity, talent, and dedication to the craft.

Clean air

Nail salons have a reputation for toxic, noxious fumes. New York State recently introduced new ventilation requirements for nail salons, and RDN is proud to announce that we are the first salon in New York to meet these new standards. Each station is equipped with a built-in powerful exhaust system that absorbs fumes, vapors, and nail dust at the source of exposure. Our commitment extends beyond simply servicing your nails; we want you to feel as good as you look. That commitment starts with a clean air for everyone: our staff, our guests, and their young children.


RDN is not a nail factory. We believe in the power of positivity, and strive to give you a warm, natural, welcoming environment that exceeds your expectations and pleases the five senses. We’ve built our salon with thoughtfulness in every detail, and want to extend to you that same love and care that we put into our salon. When you walk to RDN you will be welcomed into a warm social environment, thought-provoking books, and lush plant life.